Reference group meetings

Apr 15, 2024 | Members, Other stakeholders

The educational material of The new Scandinavian Quality Control model is the cornerstone of the project. By developing educational material related to the authorisation controls we hope to both raise the awareness among workers why different topics are important, as well as teaching them the skills they need to act as agents of change.

In April we concluded the reference group activity through two digital meetings with Danish and Swedish participants in the member companies. This was very rewarding and giving lots of input to improve the material.

Leading up to the reference group meetings were:

  • The multiplier meeting on November 16.
  • The dialogue with sustainability experts and educators in the member companies on an individual basis.
  • The physical meeting no 3 March 1.
  • The interaction with a first-year class at Solna Gymnasium on March 25, to get another generation’s view on the project.

To further improve the material, the dialogue will go on during the year. It will all be presented at Texcare in November.